The Naoris block-platform will help protect user data


The block-platform Naoris will help protect user data The block-platform Naoris will help protect user data 1810a0528c4c4879ec948adc52a79667

Cyber ​​security experts Naoris are implementing a system that can not be hacked for the DeNet storage network. DeNet provides storage of user data worldwide. Naoris positions itself as the world's first integrated -platform of cybersecurity.

This news was published after the appearance of data that tokens were stolen from the Bancor platform for $ 13,5 million.

Naoris and DeNet signed an agreement that includes an audit of the initial security of the DeNet infrastructure, although the upcoming agreements are not yet defined.

As a result of cyberattacks on Bancor, Ethereum lost almost 4% of its value, although the users' electronic wallets were not harmed.

The Naoris security ecosystem will allow DeNet customers to store data in a secure, decentralized network.

The platform uses technology and DeNet to post the results of cyber-propaganda in a permanent register, where they become available and subject to independent audit. Its ecosystem of consensus helps to eliminate attacks before they can spread. Naoris introduces a model that eliminates weak links and a single point of failure, which means that as long as traditional networks become weaker as the number of attached devices increases, Naoris solution will allow networks to become safer and faster as it expands.

David Carvalho, founder and head of Naoris, commented on this situation: "Existing cloud networks are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks for companies that store a large amount of user data. We are pleased to have signed an agreement with DeNet, a decentralized -platform. "


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