As blockhouses can make vehicle data visible to all car owners


How can block machines make car data visible to all car owners? How can block machines make car data visible to all car owners? 3c84623663a6436badb47b393c650a45

A non-profit company from Berkeley, California, is trying to introduce for payments for transportation, to simplify this aspect of life motorists. The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (Mobi) was launched in May to study the use of but in the ecosystem of digital mobility, which will make logistics more safe and accessible.

The company cooperates with the world's major manufacturers, such as GM, Ford and Groupe Renault. Her work will include both the supply of spare parts and the service of co-travel.

At the core of Mobi's business plan is the use of open sources for software based on e. The Consortium plans to connect the government, developers and producers into one ecosystem that will create - applications of vehicles and mobility services.

Mobi's plans are quite ambitious. For example, You can use it to track identification data and vehicle histories, which can prevent the resale of stolen or broken cars. The supply chain can also be tracked more efficiently. If insurers continue to move in the direction of mobility pricing, paying policies based on how much you drive, then can offer actual pricing of mobility and payments for transport, insurance, energy, congestion, pollution and infrastructure.

But how can Mobi make the transport industry more reliable and transparent? CarBlock, which uses applications and data of the smartphone in transportation through the Future Transportation Data Alliance, works with Mobi to change the way of auto insurance pricing, based on the smartphone application.

With effective work, the insurance application itself can revolutionize auto insurance. You can save thousands if the car is in the garage most of the time. Together with the Ethos smart contract, car owners will have full possession of encrypted data stored in e.

Ideally, car owners can receive tokens for providing data and in return receive an individual or reduced price based on the data they provide. This will allow participants to enjoy more creative services and products created from the submitted data.

Other uses include more reliable reports on used cars, the possibility of sharing service data with the SRT, and a more transparent record of ownership.

The identification of the car was an unpleasant problem for the owners of used cars in recent years. Thousands of cars that have been hit by floods and hurricanes have fallen into the parking lot of used cars, although previous damages are not always disclosed to new customers.

Of course, creating an infrastructure that more effectively uses logistics data will take time. -Applications should work much faster to compete with efficient applications such as Uber and Lyft.


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