Chinese government organization discovered 421 fake crypto currency


Chinese government organization discovered 421 fake crypto currency Chinese government organization discovered 421 fake crypto currency Chinese government organization discovered 421 fake crypto currency 3b19e5408fb1eaf9319c9a4c266e6b1a

Подведомственный правительству Китая Национальный комитет экспертов по технологии финансовой безопасности в интернете (IFCERT) в пятницу опубликовал отчет, согласно которому на апрель 2018 года была выявлена 421 поддельная . In addition to the results of the analysis of fake crypto currency, the committee also published the main alarming signs exposing counterfeit currencies.

"In recent years, crypto-currencies have been the focus of attention. The technology attracted and scammers, who began to create pyramid schemes, under the guise of virtual currencies. Such projects are created more often and make investors lose large sums of money, "the committee notes. The IFCERT platform constantly monitors forged crypto-currencies.

"The report demonstrates that as of April 2018, IFCERT has detected 421 fake crypto currency, and more than 60% of counterfeit coin servers are deployed outside the country. In this regard, it is difficult to find and track the platforms of fake crypto-currencies. "

The committee also set out alarming signs that will help to understand that fraud is behind the crypto currency. First, coin makers use "business models based on the pyramid", arguing that their coins will generate high returns. Secondly, they do not have real code and do not have their own а или возможности создания блоков для него. В-третьих, они не будут продаваться на крупных криптовалютных биржах, «поэтому они часто торгуются на OTC-площадках или собственных биржах», говорится в отчете. Комитет также отмечает:

"The prices for such platforms are controlled by organizations or individuals, which leads to the illusion of rapid growth in the value of the asset. However, users often can not carry out transactions or withdraw funds from the site. "

IFCERT stressed that fake crypto-currencies have no value and are illegal, arguing that "many of these platforms do not have offices, and their servers are often deployed abroad," so victims are unlikely to be able to receive compensation for their losses.

However, the industry's problems do not end with false ми. В прошлый четверг Wall Street Journal опубликовал свои выводы после обзора документов, подготовленных для 1450 ICO. В публикации отмечается, чтобы было «обнаружено 271 ICO с тревожными признаками, которые включают в себя плагиаторские документы для инвесторов, обещания гарантированных возвратов и фальшивые команды разработчиков».

Investors invested in these ICO more than $ 1 billion. The publication also notes that "some firms are still raising funds, while others have closed. Until now, investors have reported losses in these projects to $ 273 million in accordance with lawsuits and regulations. "

Мошеннические ICO и фальшивые криптовалюты становятся все более частым явлением, которое привлекло внимание регуляторов. Недавно Комиссия по ценным бумагам и биржам США (SEC) создала сайт с «мошенническим ICO» для обучения инвесторов, которое «выглядит слишком хорошо, чтобы быть настоящей инвестиционной возможностью».


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