Christopher Matta: in 2018, bitcoin will reach $ 15 000


Christopher Matta, in the past one of the leading investment management managers of Goldman Sachs, and now the head of Crescent, specializing in digital assets, shares the mood of crypto-currency bulls. Over the past six months, the bull market has not lost ground, he says, explaining that government agents have begun to cooperate with an industry that will benefit from reasonable regulation.

Christopher Matta: in 2018, bitcoin will reach $ 15 000 Christopher Matta: in 2018, bitcoin will reach $ 15 000 623d5e0e5093d5898dfb0b7aa638b3b

According to Christopher, he is ready to invest the family capital in , which, according to his forecasts, this year will reach $ 15 000. The current correction to $ 6 000 will serve as an excellent beginning for those who play for the long term.

In a previous interview in June, he noted that the revenues from virtual currencies, even taking into account the risks and fluctuations, are much more attractive to investors than other assets. After that, the BTC lost 7%, but Mutta advises to remain calm, as short-term volatility will not affect the long-term perspective. His recommendation is to invest in cyber-currency and keep it for several years.

He recalls that the periods of decline were fixed before. In the future, the infrastructure will continue to expand. The positions of the crypto currency among retailers will be strengthened, and institutional capital will also go into space. -ETF will make some currencies inaccessible more open, so expect expansion of the user base. As for the first time launched in January futures, the expert does not undertake to determine what impact they have had on the market.

The prediction of the leading manager of Goldman Sachs is one of the newest positive predictions regarding the chances for a new rally. Previously, Arthur Hayes, founder of the Bitmex site, suggested that the BTC would jump to $ 50 000.


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