A new model of democracy: as the world's first block-state Decenturion will bring income to its citizens


A new model of democracy: as the world's first blockade-state Decenturion will bring income to its citizens A new model of democracy: as the world's first block-state Decenturion will bring income to its citizens. A new model of democracy: as the world's first blockbuster state, Decenturion will yield its income citizens 8de46e6d4879e26606e87d4d57bd7587

Decenturion - the first in the world -State with an economy based on instruments of direct democracy, - presented at the conference Consensus 2018, which will be held 14-16 May 2018 in New York (USA). For the first time in the history of mankind, people will not give the state their earned money in the form of taxes - on the contrary, the state will bring income to its citizens.

It is planned that the first citizens of the country Decenturion will be 100 the most famous people from the world but also the most important journalists covering the development of the industry. Each resident of the country can expect a minimum income of 15 000 dollars per year.

The first passports will be issued to residents already at the conference in New York. Their holders will be able to receive for free the tokens of startups that are included in the project (in proportion to the number of Decenturions they hold in their hands), the right to distribute them and attract new citizens to the project.

Decenturion - truly decentralized - the state, therefore the system does not provide posts of the president or the chairman and in general the presence of any central governing body or official - every citizen in the project has an equal role. Working on technology The economy of Decenturion, first of all, relies on its residents - physical (they are citizens of the state) and legal (start-ups). They are irreplaceable and mutually complementary.

Startups will use Decenturion to transfer their tokens to the citizens of the state, which can allow them to achieve business indicators that are many times greater than the results of the classic ICO. As a result, companies will receive not ordinary users, but real apostles but interested in implementing the tokens of the startup, while improving their own well-being and ensuring the prosperity of crypto-economy. Decenturion selects only those start-ups as residents, whose tokens can already be used not for trading on the exchange, but as a real, product-provided tool.

Tokens of the Decenturion state are both a currency and passports for residents. As part of the issue, these "coins" are distributed free of charge. Based on forecasts of the potential number of citizens -state, it is planned to release 30 000 000 tokens.

The founders of the new country do not strive to create the most populous decentralized state - the priority for them is the qualitative selection of citizens with an emphasis on their human values, professional qualities, interest in new ideas and maximum income per person, which even under the most pessimistic forecasts may amount to 15 000 dollars in year per person.

Relations between the country and the citizen are regulated through a smart contract. To become a citizen, the user must activate the received passport. After that, a person gets his paper copy, a personal web page in the general structure of the state and a guide to participating in economic activities in the foreign market.

Coming to the domestic Decenturion market, startups provide their tokens for free distribution among all citizens of the country in proportion to the number of "decenturion" coins they own. Citizens have the right to refuse offered tokens or to accept them and place for sale on their personal web page. Although "coins" are recommended to sell at a fixed price, users have the right to change it at their own discretion. The resulting token sale liquidity becomes a citizen's profit, while in the territory of the state Decenturion it is not subject to any taxes.

Each new resident of Decenturion receives a huge audience - millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of sellers, tens of thousands of citizens involved in the promotion of the project, thousands of professional consultants.

The cost of a marketing campaign that provides such coverage of the audience and, accordingly, guarantees an economic result, can reach tens of millions of dollars. But in the economy of the state Decenturion startups get all this just by free distribution of their tokens between citizens.

At the current stage, Decenturion is an economy with basic instruments of democracy, but in the long term a completely new type of social, legal and economic interaction of people is expected - the first truly democratic system. In the long term, the founders of the Decenturion state want to implement full-fledged instruments of direct democracy, allowing citizens to fully and independently regulate the political, economic and social life of the world's first -States both in virtual space and beyond.


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