The third-largest Japanese electricity supplier tests Bitcoin payment through the Lightning network


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Chubu Electric Power Co., one of the largest energy companies in the world, together with the Bitcoin-startup Nayuta, is studying payments in Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. This is a development protocol aimed at reducing the cost of payment in Bitcoin.

Chubu, which has 15 000 employees and more than 200 power plants, uses Lightning to create a new way for its customers to pay for recharging an electric vehicle. Payment Lightning can be sent to the charger for electric vehicles, which after the payment is instantly turned on and starts charging the car. Now the technology is at the testing stage.

Chief Manager of Chubu Electric Power Co. Hidhiro Ichikawa said that because it requires a small amount of electricity to recharge, Lightning will reduce the fee for using the company's services.

Kenichi Kurimoto, chief executive officer of Nayuta, believes that for their applications, IoT and but you need payments in real time.

As part of the testing, two companies connected Lightning to an electronic charger and then to an electric vehicle. From there, they launched the Japanese software Infoteria, which coded the application to unite users. After clicking the "Send" button, the application contacted the charger via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and sent a message about power-up. In the test, the real Bitcoin was not used for payment.

The test was successful, showing that Lightning can actually make small instant payments to recharge an electric vehicle.

Chubu plans to continue developing new experiments and experiments to find out which architecture is best used for the Lightning network.

The Nayuta startup is now working to ensure compatibility of its software with the three other most sought after major developments of the Lightning network.


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