Google's requests have shown a sharp surge in interest in Bitcoin in South Africa


Запросы Google показали резкий всплеск интереса к Bitcoin в ЮАР 				  Запросы Google показали резкий всплеск интереса к Bitcoin в ЮАР  aa6dbb9a815b7a00cd2d914944d1d132

In South Africa, the popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow despite the recent depreciation of the leading crypto currency.

На данный момент запросы в южноафриканском Google самые высокие по сравнению с запросами других стран. Количество ежемесячных запросов о Bitcoin в Южной Африке за последние 12 месяцев составляет от 100 000 до 1 000 000. По всей видимости, объем прямой торговли Bitcoin также растет, и впервые за период с января до текущей недели недельная стоимость биржевых сделок на местном рынке Bitcoin превысила отметку в 20 000 000 (примерно $1,7 миллионов).

Mati Greenspan, a market analyst for large public transactions and asset brokerage, recently confirmed that the eToro platform is experiencing a significant increase in the number of South African Bitcoin merchants, saying that "in South Africa, the number of new Bitcoin users on the eToro platform grew by 671% in the period from January to the end of November last year. "

Many analysts associate the growing interest of South Africans in the crypto-currency with the fact that the radical land reforms of President Cyril Ramafos can lead to economic instability.

Earlier, President Ramaphos launched an accelerated policy of forced redistribution of property owned by white people, between black citizens who do not have land, which caused concern among the leading international rating agency Moody's. Despite all the fears, many believe that South Africa will manage to avoid the fourth decline in credit ratings in less than one year by reducing the cost of domestic debt insurance from default by using a credit swap.

Ramafos recently issued a statement in which he tried to convince Moody's that accelerated land reform would be carried out within a clear legal framework and without adversely affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security.


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